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The answers on this site are suggestions only.
I make no promises about the effectiveness of any of the advice given here.

I own an 86 gsxr 750 and I am experiencing some problems. To begin with, my solenoid went out so I had to start my bike with a screwdriver. Then one day I came outside and my bike was trying to start on its own without then key in it. I couldn't get it to stop and so it kept going until the wires started smoking. I am wondering what would have caused this and what possible damage could arise from this event. - John Turner

I have an 87 slabside on a D plate, have changed the fuel tap, but the fuel tap will not not turn off or to reserve, when i got the tap from new there was 2 outlets but i could not see where the 2nd outlet went to or from, now the fuel is constantly on and the carbs overflow leaking fuel everywhere, any suggestions as im looking at selling the bike soon for an SV, im in the UK- Brian in the UK

I have a '86 1100. Does the front nose cone fit off the same year 750? Can't find anyone who knows. Can someone help???? - Ben

I just bought an 89 GSXR750. Showroom condition. Only issue is the headlight stays on after key os off and out. Guy I bought from said he believed it was a problem with these. Anyone have any info? - Rob

Hi, I have recently restored a GSXR 750 89. Having trouble sorting out what coloured wires go onto which coil terminals. Is there any particular order? Thanks for any feed back. - Chris

trying to install a gsxr 750 1985 model motor back in the frame and i cant get it in is there any tricks as i have the carrys on and the complete frame is rigid - mike

I got a pair of gsxr1000 k1 forks that i want to fit to my 1985 gsxr750 but they are too short . Any sugestions??? - Darren

I recently fitted a dyna 2000 ignition and crank sensor to my gsxr 1100 89 model.Im using standard coils and the prob is i have no spark and the box isnt testing properly,the test light stays on continously on box even with the earth disconnected,any idea's. - Steve

i just got a 89 gsxr and having trouble with it whe i first got it it was hard to start and if im riding it and get in it all the way it bougs down i have to back off just a little and it runs it has an after market exch and k&n pods air filter can any one help - John

Did a steering damper come stock with 1990 GSXR-1100? Or can i fit another year / model to it? I plan to do track days. - Fraz

Probally teaching most to suck eggs here but i had no idea how to remove my GSXR750H (1986) carbs for cleaning. Here is a guide to what i did.
1. Remove seat.
2. Remove tank bolts infront of seat
3. Unscrew petrol tap making sure pointing down in the ON position
4. Pull up tank and remove fuel lines.
5. Lift tank out.
6. Unfasten the air filter box (3 bolts)
7. Slacken the 8 clips attaching both sides of the 4 carbs around the carb boddies.
8. Pull pack the rubber from the airbox side on all carbs until clear. (These are a pain and will need to be worked off pushing back into the air box)
9. One airbox side clear. Put seat back on. Sit on seat and grab the carb assy pulling firmly side to side out of the front rubber hoses.
10. Undo the throttle assembly (slaken the nuts at the bottom and slide out)
11. Clean carbs.
12. To replace carb assy remove air filter from air box as gives better access to the rubber hoses to push back on. Remove and Spray all airbox rubber hoses with WD40 to aid lubrication.
13. Push the carb assy back into the engine side and tighten up the 4 clips round the carb bodies. Make sure all the way in.
14. From the airbox push the hoses back in. Rememeber the 2 side rubbers are different as have angled hoses.
15. Using brute force take your time working the hoses through the airbox and over the individual carbs. You need to make sire you get the rubber seal through all the way around so sits over the plastic lip on the carb side creating a good seal 15. Put back the 4 remaining clips.
16. Put tank back on. Reverse take off procedure.
17. Youre done. Put back all parts of filter and bike back together.
18. Turn fuel onto lfet or right position to allow fuel to flow. Wait a while turning throttle. You may hear the carbs filling. Pull choke in and out a few times.
19. Start your engine. May splutter to start with.
20. Hopefully all running well after a 5 minute run.
Hope this helps. While fiddly and a pain in the backside is possible for anyone to do. - Steve H

I'm very tempted to buy my first GSXR 750 (86 model). It's had a different paint scheme and I'd want to return it to the original blue/white scheme like I saw when they first came out - where could I buy a good complete decal kit from? thanks, Andy

Wanted to see if anyone had an ideas about Long-term storage of gas tanks. I have 3 tanks that I'm not currently using, and the GSXR is prone to rusting in the rear area. I was thinking of using a very light weight oil (5/30). But I wanted to dilute it a bit further to make sure it spreads across all surfaces on the inner walls of the tank. I thought of using Acetone or mineral spirts, something with a high evaporation rate. Anyone have any other ideas? - Greg

I read that the 85/86/87 750's from Japan had restricted power outputs of 77BHP as against 100BHP standard. How can I tell if my bike is a restricted model and are they easty to de-restrict? - Andy

I have a 87 gsxr 750, just bought it. It has spark when I try to start it the thing just backfires once and a while. Checked the timing it is dead on. Can anyone help me? - Mike King

Hi Guys, What is the cheapest way to modify an 88 GSX-R 750 for "sit-up" style handlebars similar to a SV650? I'm wanting to go with the naked/streetfighter style because I have a bad wrist and shoulder. I hate to chop up an oldie but goodie, but I can't afford anything else at the moment. Thanks, Doug

I have 1989 gsxr750 with the 4.5 rear wheel and I want to install a 92 5.5 will it bolt right on my swing arm are will have to change the swing arm to a newer one

I own a 85/86 gsxr750f slabside, are front brake calipers from any other model likely to fit? As mine are shot, Thanks.

I have a Suzuki GSX R 750 1986 and am finding it hard to find a carburetors or parts for it.It has RS 34 flatslides.Can any other carbs be used? Thanks. - craig

Will an 87 gsxr swingarm fit a 97 katana 750? - Jerry

I rode my bicycle twenty miles to see this motorcycle back in 1986 (I was 16). Saturday I bought one, a 86 gsxr750! It has 10k on it and though I would be happy just to stare at it all day I'd rather ride it. But there are some issues such as will not idle with choke off and bogs down a little when twisting the throttle then takes off also shoots and orange flame out the pipe at redline. I don't want to hurt it so any ideas for this would be great! Plus what preventative maintenance should be done now! Thanks to all - - Doug

I've bought a set of 1985 gsxr750 flat slide carbs32mm. Can I fit them to my 1986 gsxr 1100g? Will they give me better performance then the standard carbs? What jets & inlet boots do I need to use? thanks, leon

I have a problem with the front brake switch, it sticks on then some times come back on. I've replace switch wiring and black button it works better but every couple of times it will stick on, can you help? Andre

Hi!.I am from Spain and I am sure you can help on this .I have a 87GSXR1100 and I want to paint it as the 86 blue/red.The problem is that in Spain it was not sold that model so we do not have nor "pantone" reference for the paint nor how it was painted.Do you know someone than could help me on that?.Thanks for your help!...it is been nice to find some other mad people for GSXR far from home! Yours, Inaki

I've build a street fighter GSXR1100WP took me 2 years looks great runs crap due to carbs tried 2 sets had dynojet stage 3 fitted I'm put of with the carbs known for floats getting stuck i would like to fit a different carb any suggestions on what carbs will fit thanks Len

I'm looking at putting a slabside 750 in my bandit and was told to use flatside carbs, will they go straight on or will i have to have them tuned to the motor? - Dan

Will a 93 gsxr 1100 engine fit a 95 gsxr 750? Thanks for your time.

My new 1986 GSXR 1100 has mikuni flatslide carbs, I think, no airbox or filters. I'm having a hard time finding filters that fit. the outboard carbs either hit the frame or the filters hit each other at the sides, the intake throats are very close together. The intake O.D. are 58mm or approx 2.2 inches. any ideas. Thanks

have just got 87 gsxr750 and some one as started to streetfighter it have a problem with the flatside carbs no air filters if i cover the air filter inlet up with a rag it starts and revs like mad when i move the rag she cuts out been told k&n filters which i got and then jetting but what size jets and which ones can some one help thanks lee

I just bought a 86 GSXR 750 it has the 4 k&N puck filters owner said it was jetted and has a yosh racing pipe. It runs okay in high rmps but slow traffic or at lights it bougs out and have to ride the clutch just to leave lights and if I ride at same speeds it starts to die out feels like plugs are getting wet but looks good when I take them off. if I ride a bit and stop it runs rough till I rev it up. not smooth power on power of nothing i n between. hard to ride. any one know what the jetting size are for 86 gsxr or what can I do to make it smooth with the yosh pipe and the filters. I tried many times playing with the needle height nothing works right it at very top. it the best so far but not right. hard to turn smooth power is choopy on of. also slight back fire keeping revs at 3 4000 rpms when powers on it moves need help - Arda

What engines will fit my 97gsx750 katana frame? Any help is greatly appreciated, Jerry

i want to remove the back end and put a better one on so its all open can anyone tell me whitch one would be the best it has to cary two people without too much chopping - john

hi,i have a 86 gsxr1100 and i have a 91 gsxr750 cdi is it posible to fit the 1100. thanks, regards, michelle

I've got a 86' GSXR 750. I dont have the fairings on it and after running in a hard rain it acted like the rev limiter was kicking in at 4Krpm. The limit crept up a little at a time over a few days of dry weather till it cleared up. I believe I want to replace the coils. Can I get a recommendation on the right coils to get? Is there any chance this is a malfunction in the rev limiter? Where is the rev limiter? - Adam

i've got a 1986 gsxr1100g. I don't know if its a u.k model, are non uk models restricted in any way? and what way? also what's the best carb for it 36mm/38mm what model is it straight swap? thanks, leon

What is a cherry 1986 GSXR LTD worth these days? 950 miles, and looks like it. All stock including the pipe and tires. - Mark

Will the CDI (part number) 32900-31310 or 131100-3581 work on my GSXR750 86 motor? - Aidan

i have a 85 gsxr &want to make it into a street fighter,any ideas or suggestions on what can be done to expose the rear more,i don't like the rear panels&also any info on how to change to a set of straight bars so its more comfortable to ride for more than couple of hours. - Ron Keats

please could anyone help me as regarding japanese frame numbers for slabsides i have 3 bikes beginning with gr71f 1067xx,1017xx,1066xx they are on uk plates but am not sure what year they are uk bikes are easy to check but i have had no luck with japanese imports thanks - Harry

hi i have a 86 gsxr 750 i would like to know how hard is it to fit a 87 gsxr 1100 motor thanks heaps guys   Aaron smith

Can you tell me if a 86 gsxr 1100 swingarm will fit my 86 gsxr 750? thanks mike

My 86 gsxr 750 has seemed to have lost spark only on #2 cylinder. I have replaced plug, boot, and cleaned connections. Someone said that not only one side of the coil would not blow. True? Does anyone have any further ideas of what could be keeping me from riding?

I'm interested to know about interchanging the 1989 GSX 750 Katana motor into the 1987 GSXR 750 frame. Do carbs, electric..etc interchange? I run 86/87 GSXR 750's and have a spare Katana motor, never tried bolting it in to the GSXR. Any GSXR guru out there have a comment? - Greg (847)445 9616

Will a 92 katana 750 cdi box work with a 86 gixxer 750? - chuck

Can any one please tell me what 3 spoke wheels will fit my 86 slabside gsxr 750 with out 2 many mods to the bike? - John

I have owned my 85 GSXR 750 for 18 yrs now. It is stock standard with 64000 k's on the clock. Just installed new front tyre and notice it is weaving at over 160 kph. The bike has never done this before. I don't think it's the tyres fault. Short of putting new suspension all round, what can be done? I feel stiffening the suspension up may help. Rear shock is straight forward but how are the forks tensioned or stiffened up on this model? - Shane

my 86' gsxr 750r at high speed the bike starts to wobble, but now im getting vibrations in the seat and foot pegs although its not in any way limiting the bikes power, it just feels dangerous is it my shocks maybe what do you think and any solution(apart from slowing down) Thanks, Matt

I have an 86 slingshot 750 and it has k&n filters and yoshimura pipe. Bike seems to cut out at high rpm. Any ideas? Just doesn't seem to run right. - Scott


The Standard '86 rear shock is a bit basic. Are the any Shocks from other Make/ Models that will bolt right in?- Cadium hi can you tell me the colours of the 87 h model the blue ones.or better still the codes..thanks regards- Al